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The Elephant’s Trunk – Wellness Packages


Wellness packages for all the ails you and to keep you from ailing

For inflammatory illness, personal growth and optimal health.

Specializing in gift packages for Cancer Care, IBS and Diabetes.

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  • Flowers can make a cancer patient  feel nauseous
  • Baskets of bubble bath & soaps have chemicals, alcohol and scents which cancer patients can’t use
  • Chocolates  & other food baskets may not be tolerable to the sensitive stomach especially  after chemo/radiation treatments
  • None of the above educates, comforts or heals.


  • IBS, Diabetes, Asthma, and many other illnesses, diseases are attributed to a healthy or unhealthy GUT, including Cancer
  • That by balancing your yeast balance you can help prevent cancer and other illnesses and disorders.
  • Eating a good balance of natural foods, lessening processed foods to an occasional treat, and considerably reducing processed sugar intake will noticeably improve your energy levels, help you lose excess weight and improve your health overall considerably.
  • Avoiding or removing gluten products from your diet, even in healthy people is one of the best things you can do for your health because gluten turns into sugar. Cancer thrives on sugar and many people do not realize that they have a gluten intolerance in their body.
  • Optimal Health will reduce your chances getting sick with most illnesses on many levels, including Cancer because these steps reduce inflammation in your body

A  LITTLE BIT ABOUT The Elephant’s Trunk

 What We Do: We want to be your segue for delivering your caring sentiments to a friend, co-worker or loved one who is going through difficult times, or in expressing your joy during happier events. Sometimes approaching someone is awkward or uncomfortable. TET understands this more than you know.  We will help you deliver a heartfelt message in a personalized card with your healing gift package tailored to their needs. We will help bring you closer at a time when they need your support the most. You can also purchase a package for yourself. One should never stop learning and healing.

Why we do this: With an estimated 197,000 new cases of cancer (excluding about 81,700 non-melanoma skin cancers) that occurred in Canada in 2013 and only a handful of companies that cater to offering real and natural products that aid in the comfort and healing of the terrible side effects of cancer treatments, we feel it is an important start to reach out to as many of these people as possible, our first goal to reach at least  1% or 1,876 cancer patients and another 1% of people suffering from other inflammatory conditions such as IBS, Diabetes, Leaky Gut,  even Asthma, with our tools & packages, with the help of the kind hearts of families,  friends and loved ones, to lessen  pain physically and emotionally. It is because of inflammation that people struggle with their weight and with Anxiety as well. We want to educate everyone so that we can show lower statistics ofThree butterflies of blue color on a white background obesity and Cancer diagnosis in Canada for the future

Help us reach this year’s goal: by giving a gift of CHEI; (Comfort, Healing, Education & Inspiration) (pronounced CHEE) you will be spreading and encouraging CHEI one by one. Everyone can use some CHEI.

Let’s clarify ‘Inspiration’: Inspiration is the spreading of HOPE and JOY. It is re-enforcing and promoting positive thoughts and behavior and inspiring positive self image. It is an effort to achieve HAPPINESS. Just by being happy and positive you can pass positive thoughts and behaviors on. Inspiration is infectious. We try very hard to promote HOPE and JOY, HAPPINESS and POSITIVE THOUGHTS

THIS YEAR’S GOAL for 2016 is to  reach 3% or 5,910 people with cancer and educate 50 employers about how to help.

At The Elephant’s Trunk we offer inspirational material and essential products that comfort, motivate and offer personal growth to people who are struggling with challenging situations in their lives particularly cancer & inflammatory illnesses.  See below for other packages we offer.

Our packages for Cancer come in 10 sizes with 5 to 25 helpful items that provide CHEI, (comfort, healing, education and inspiration,) and with self-help and personal empowerment books or DVD’s that were chosen with care for their expert advice you will be giving the complete package.  Cancer is an inflammatory disease and our products are proven to heal by teaching how to reduce inflammation with products in our kits and tools to soothe many of the discomforts cancer patients suffer from during treatments. Drymouth, yeast infections(Candida), radiation burns Neuropathy, Hand Foot Syndrome, cracked lips and skin are just a few.

Giving a corporate gift package specifically designed for cancer patients, this is the perfect opportunity to proactively acknowledge and deliver information about your company’s benefits and support structure to your valued employee or co-worker recently diagnosed with Cancer.  By giving a truly thoughtful package of tools, and offering your support up front, it shows you have taken this seriously and are behind them for the long haul.  It is also an appropriate gift from a group of co-workers to their colleague.

We will work with you to present your corporate benefit support information with your gift package on your behalf, or we can  deliver the gift package to your company so a qualified staff representative can present it with your benefits information and go over it with them for a more personal touch and to answer questions about your support system.  Simply add this request in your special instructions with a contact phone # to arrange options for your gift.

We can customize any package to your tastes and requests!

  Ask us about our other beautiful packages for

 Cancer   *   Diabetes   *   Anxiety & Depression  *     Getting married   *  CBT   *  Keeping Loving Relationships Alive

  Stress management   *   Anger management  *   Happiness  *   A New Baby & Their Parents  *

Mindfulness  *     Work/Life balance   *  Optimal health  *    Break up or Divorce

  Starting a new business   *   Experiencing personal growth    *   Good nutrition resulting in weight loss   *   Grieving

Write to us on our ‘Contact’ page or email  –  – Tel: 647-889-7368


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